Services and Pricing

Our SEO legal content writing services and pricing are competitive with the market. Which is incredible because we have over a decade of experience (one of the first to start exclusively legal content writing), have a licensed attorney with experience resolving seven-figure personal injury cases, and have a Registered Nurse (RN) on staff reviewing all posts with medicine/anatomy. These are all included in the price.

We offer the following:

Practice Area Pages/Landing Pages

Price: .15 cents a word (bulk discounts available)

We can draft your static landing pages for any personal injury practice area. We use best SEO principles from Google to help strengthen the content to make it truly strong cornerstone content on your website. Recommended length 700-1,200 words. Power pages should be 2,000 words or more.

Blog Posts

Price: .12 cents a word (bulk discounts available)

We have over a decade of experience drafting personal injury blog posts throughout the United States. Our SEO personal injury content writer uses headline analysis for each post and does keyword analysis regularly to get you topics that deliver. All posts contain hyperlinks to relevant pages in your website, as well as authoritative sources. Recommended length 1,200 words. Power posts should be 3,000 words or more.


Price: Variable; $300 per 100 backlinks

Link building for personal injury lawyers is imperative. Backlinks is one of the best ways to do that, and one of the strongest. These are links from other websites to your website. Google does not like backlinks that are meant to solely inflate page rank. Our backlinks contain substance that not only helps increase page rank, but actually describes your services, ability, and recommends you. Recommended: depending on the age of your website, old website should start with 500 backlinks and get monthly maintenance of $100; new websites should start with 100 backlinks and do quarterly maintenance of 100 until the page has some age to it.

Guest Posts

Price: ~$30-40 per guest post

Another powerful link building source is through guest posts. These are short posts of 400+ words (sometimes up to 700-800 words) that talk about your services, why personal injury lawyers are important to help solve problems, and a little bit about the services. Some guest posts may take a different slant depending on the website they are posted on. Guest posts for personal injury lawyers are listed on many different types of websites and all direct to your page. Recommended: 10 guest posts per month; 30 guests post per month for faster results.

Our Writing Requests

Ask us for a custom quote if you are looking for any other writing services such as for e-mail campaigns, newsletters, eBooks, editing, script writing, or any other services you may be looking for to help your personal injury law firm.