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Personal injury law firms and lawyers looking for a legal content writer need more than just someone with technical writing experience or knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Personal injury lawyers need a legal content writer who has actual litigation experience handling real personal injury cases. Our legal content writer:

  • Is a licensed attorney in New York and New Jersey, including in a federal court in each of NY and NJ
  • Presently appointed to the New York State Supreme Court as a Principal Court Attorney to a NYS Supreme Court Justice
  • Has personal injury litigation experience handling everything from initial client intake, through discovery, motions, oral argument, trial, and appeals
  • Settled cases as a personal injury lawyer or as a court attorney in the seven-figure and eight-figure range
  • Handled actual cases involving: car accidents, trucking wrecks, nursing home negligence and malpractice, dog bites, slip and falls/trip and falls, medical malpractice, birth injuries, construction accidents/labor law, workplace injuries, motorcycle crashes, pedestrian knockdowns/hit by car, bicycle collisions, negligent security, insurance indemnification/declaratory judgment actions, and other personal injury cases
  • Over 11 years of experience drafting law firm website content
  • Executive Editor for Lead Articles on his law schools flagship Law Review
  • Published author, including having a Law Review publication cited by a Matthew Bender Treatise on the Casey Anthony trial
  • Has a Registered Nurse (RN) on staff to review complicated medical/anatomy posts, including medical malpractice cases.
  • Experience drafting law firm content in over 30 states and three countries
  • Understands SEO and best-practices for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines
legal content writer for personal injury lawyers

If your personal injury law firm is looking for a legal content writer to help draft blog posts, practice area pages, landing pages, or any other content, let us help you. We have the experience, skill, and knowledge necessary to not only deliver great content, but to also improve your website’s search engine result ranking.

Our writer will draft content that is relevant and authoritative for your law firm website. We can help improve your law firm’s website through better landing pages and blog posts. Our legal content writer can also help draft other content you may need relating to personal injury law.

Legal Content Writer With a Wide Range of Litigation and Writing Experience

Unlike many other businesses, our law firm blog and website writing business has actual personal injury litigation experience. This means that we can talk to you as a lawyer. We know what it is like to not only handle cases in court, but also to fight for new clients. Our legal content writer worked in a small and medium-sized law firm in New York. This included helping both law firms draft content for their website to boost search engine results to get more clients.

In addition to this, our content writer serves as a court attorney to a judge. Some lawyers know this as a law clerk or a judge’s law clerk. As you may know, a law clerk helps a judge review your papers on a motion. The law clerk or court attorney breaks down the arguments, facts, law, and issues in the papers. Then a law clerk will conduct the necessary legal research, often drafting a memo to the judge. After the papers are read and research is performed, a law clerk or court attorney will discuss the facts, issues, and the research with the judge. Once a decision is made, the law clerk or court attorney will help the judge draft a decision, order, and/or judgment on the application. This is what our legal content writer does.

Like you, our legal content writer helped injured victims and their families obtain compensation for accidents. This included handling cases that he can now help write your law firm’s website content for to help improve your results.

Car Accident Cases

Most of the cases our legal content writer handled were car accident accident. This includes car accidents or auto accidents involving any type of vehicle. However, most cases involve normal passenger vehicles. Like you, our writer had to overcome many issues in a car accident case like comparative fault, “serious injury” thresholds, pre-existing injuries, and insurance issues.

Many of the best car accident cases involved significant injuries. This required our legal content writer to learn and develop both a written and oral mastery of complex medical or anatomical issues, diagnoses, or injuries. These skills translate into helping your law firm’s personal injury content to give your an edge over your competitors. We also have a Registered Nurse who reviews complex medical posts for accuracy. No other content writing business has this to our knowledge.

Trucking Accident Cases


Medical Malpractice Cases


Birth Injury Cases


Slip and Fall Cases


Trip and Fall Cases


Dog Bite or Animal Attack Cases


Nursing Home Negligence, Abuse and Neglect, or Malpractice Cases


Construction Accident or Labor Law Cases


Motorcycle Accident Cases


Pedestrian Knockdowns or Hit by a Car Cases


Bicycle Collision Cases


Other Types of Personal Injury Cases


We Understand Law and SEO

Unmatched Legal Experience

legal content writer with SEO experience

The most important aspect of your legal content writer is obviously knowing the law. After all, the content on your law firm’s website is a reflection of you and your firm. You need to ensure that the law is accurate. Our legal content writer has both plaintiff and defendant experience handling personal injury cases in New York. This includes settling cases personally in the six-figure range. But we also have something more rare. Our law firm blog writer is also a court attorney to a judge. This gives a very unique perspective that no other legal content writing business has.

As a judge’s court attorney, our writer reviews attorney’s papers, researches the law, and assists in drafting judicial decisions, orders, and opinions. He also assists the parties in resolving matters through mediation, including settling cases well over a million dollars in the seven and eight-figure range. This is a higher level of writing and experience that is simply unmatched by other businesses.

In addition to this practical experience, our legal content writer has academic experience too. As Executive Editor for Lead Articles on his law school’s flagship Law Review, our law firm blog writer dissected law at a higher level reserved for only the top echelon of students in his graduating class who graded on or demonstrated a proven ability to write and edit complex copy.

It was through this experience that our legal content writer published several articles. This included an article that was cited by a Matthew Bender research treatise. There are very few, if any, other freelancer writing businesses that have this distinction.

But we have more than just the legal experience. We also understand how to write content for search engines too.

Over a Decade of SEO Experience

Although breaking down legalese is complicated, translating content for search engines may even be more complicated. This is particularly true given the fact that content must 1) be understood by humans, and 2) be understood by computers. Yet, our legal content writer has over a decade of experience doing just this.

“This” being Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO.” Think of SEO as a Rosetta Stone for search engines. Understanding SEO principles when drafting content helps search engines more efficiently categorize websites and their content. But not only do search engines accomplish this by categorizing content, but they also look at the content itself.

Google specifically uses the algorithm EAT to evaluate content. This standard for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Content that demonstrates these principles will do better in online searches. This is because Google and other search engines view this type of content as simply better to help a searcher. This is why many people researching SEO may often hear the phrase “content is king.” With law firm content, it definitely is king.

But SEO is more than just content. Even though content has a lot to do with search engine results. SEO also includes components of “on page” and “off page” optimization. Sometimes it is called “behind the page” optimization. While some of this SEO extends beyond just content, some of it definitely can be addressed by an experienced legal content writer.

For example, some “on page” SEO includes:

  • Using hyperlinks to authoritative sources (.gov, .edu, .org)
  • Including hyperlinks to other relevant pages, both within your website and to other sources
  • Creating strong headlines using headline analysis
  • Utilizing pictures or graphic with “alt text” referring to your focus word/phrase
  • Keeping paragraphs manageable
  • Using headings and subheadings to outline content
  • Avoiding spelling errors
  • Providing contact information
  • Keeping the content relevant to the focus word or phrase

Some examples of “off page” SEO include:

  • Using meta-descriptions
  • Setting an appropriate keyword as your word or phrase
  • Using tags appropriately
  • Properly categorizing pages or posts
  • Using SEO plugins
  • Setting strong URLs that relate to the keyword

In addition to these forms of SEO, there are other important forms of SEO that personal injury lawyers needs to know. Our legal content writer can help suggest some changes. However, we are not an SEO expert when it comes to SEO beyond content. Although we will help guide you in the right direction. This may include referring you to a trusted partner.